ARC 599-001 | Professor: Jason Scroggin | Spring 2014

This graduate level design and fabrication elective explores these issues through research, discussion, and fabrication over the course of 14 weeks. Comprised of ten students and sponsored by the 2014 Beaux Arts Ball, the class was charged with developing full-scale interactive objects. Specific to the theme of the course is to consider the product as a series of related objects to give a unified spatial character to its site in an existing concert venue. 

The course begins with an analysis of a set of simple toys in order to extract concepts of “play.”  These act as the motivating driver for a series of material constructs that consider how physical form can engage the public realm.  Each student developed their own project for the first half of the semester working back and forth between concept, fabrication, analysis, and evaluation. Through an evolutionary process of selection and synthesis of the students’ proposals, two final designs emerged.  The resulting constructs, took the form of a full-scale installations generated out of systematic assemblies of off-the-shelf and digitally manufactured components.  

A thickened inhabitable landscape comprised of tessellated silvery pillows arranged in a 9x9 modular grid. SILVER CROCODILE breaks into 9 pieces creating a network of smaller seating elements that generate a variety of social configurations allowing a range of intimacy for small and large groups of people. 

Hannah Sellers
Nicole Groneck
Sarah Mohr
Sadie Pena
Anne Schwab
Joshua Wilkinson

All images courtesy of GLINTstudios